Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

I do believe I have a hate/love relationship with Mondays! I hate Mondays after a very long and busy today! I am dragging. But on the other hand Mondays are a fresh start, a new beginning, new week. A time to regroup and start all over. Love that just not this Monday.

What about you out there?? How do you feel about Mondays?

I have so much to do this Monday and I am just not feeling it. Gotta get my project finished for Scrapfest. I love it! I will post a sneak peel when it is done. Love the paper, and the project in general. Good stuff!
Also, need to get a couple of layouts done. Luckily I got some great pics to get those done.
I will say this though... I really want a good camera! I am tired of just okay pictures. I am going to start saving for one. I get picture envy every time I go to Maggie Holmes or Karen Russell's blogs. Don't even get me started on Tara Whitney. If only!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend.

We had a family baseball bbq yesterday! We obviously don't get our fill of baseball!! This is my niece Chloe getting to hit off the tee for the first time! A softball player in the making! Love It! It was a great day! But I will say this I am getting way too old to be chasing baseballs!

This is Jaxon eating his oh I don't know 10th smore??!!! Or maybe it was his grilled cheeses sandwich he grilled over the fire pit! Jaxon's team had a bbq pool party this weekend. It was a great time and the boys were in and out of the pool for 8 hours! Not sure how they do that?? We parents all get along famously and the boys do too. Very lucky this year to be spending so much time with friends you want to be around other than on the baseball diamond. Good times!

On another note, I want to post a challenge on my blog so keep posted. As soon as I figure out what I want to do I will post it here. Sounds like fun... don't ya think?

Gotta jet for now...


Shelly said...

Monday's suck just for the record! :-)

I think if you want better photos - getting a new camera is definitely going to help - but I think that you might switch to typepad - as photos on typepad seem to be better than on blogspot. I'm not thrilled with my picture quality on blogspot compared with the quality of the photo out of my camera - big difference! I think blogspot shrinks them so much that it distorts the quality. My 2 cents!

I'm proud of you blogging again!!!!

xoxo - me

Berenice said...

Hi Suezi! I'll be checking your blog to participate in the challenge you are planning. Great idea :)