Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little chuckle in everyday life

This is just a random post for today.
I was driving home the other day and this man cut me off and then gave me "the bird" if you know what I mean. It really just made me laugh. Why do people get so angry on the road?? Was I driving too slow?? I am going to go out on a limb and say highly unlikely. Was I just in his way? Was he late picking up kids? I don't know what the reason was but really PEOPLE life is way too short and complicated to add getting angry on the road! Phew! got that off my chest!

My friend Stephanie posted about your life wishes, dreams etc. It's a great post. Go read it after you've read mine, of course.

It got me thinkin what is my wish, dream?? I am not really sure I have one. I have the usuals. Kids grow up to be great humans with strong morals. Happy marriage. Do you all have a life wish? It can be anything. Trivial or over the top! I am going to start really thinking about this and see what I come up with. Off the top of my head would be to meet Paula Deen! She cracks me up and has made a life for herself and family from just cooking! Cooking really good and fattening food, but it has to be something else that got her where she is today and I would love to know the trials and triumphs first hand. That would be one wish.

Here is what else is on my mind...other peoples blogs. I blog hop almost everyday! That is right EVERYDAY! Part of it is for my job. To get inspiration, to see what is out there, but really it is because I have gotten to know these blog people and I am very interested in knowing what is going on in their lives. This blog in particular I love. Her name is Stephanie Howell and her blog name is "just me and my two chicks" She is a young mother of 2 little girls with a husband in Iraq. She's a very talented scrapbook artist and a witty writer. What gets me coming back almost everyday is their families journey in the military. She is one strong woman! I am not really sure I could be as strong as her. She has brought a tear to my eye more than once. Her journey makes me stop in my tracks and pray for all those brave men and women over there and everywhere else we have our military. Go check her blog out. If you do please let her know that you are praying for her and her family. This blog world is something else. It really brings this big world closer together. It also makes me realize we are all the same out there. Lovin our families, trying to be the best we can be and maybe a little scrapbooking too!

That's all I got for right now. I will leave you with another baseball pic. Why you ask?? Because like I said it is what is consuming us right now and we LOVE it!
Okay I must laugh(really hard) because I went back to look at past posts and this picture is the SAME picture I posted last time! LOL! I have to get to work and have no time to adjust and replace so just pretend it is a dfferent pic! Some of you that know me will say typical Suezi! Just go with it my friends!


christy p said...

You probably did nothing wrong on the road. You know what I do when I get honked at or recieve the "special one finger wave"? I smile HUGELY, and wave NICELY, and mouth "HI!!!" My kids laugh because it always confuses the angry driver. Sounds like you guys are busy and having FUN!