Monday, February 4, 2008


First and foremost was that one of the BEST SuperBowl Games EVER!!!! Loved it all! the game, halftime rocked and the end! The only bummer was the commercials were just okay. I am sure that Annie will have some great pictures and great stories since SHE WAS THERE!!

have any of you seen this on you tube? so very cool! Can you imagine being in a place like grand central and seeing this take place. Love it!

Took a mental health day today from work. You know our friend that comes and visits every month just is working me this month or should i say 3 weeks. ugh!!that just may be TMI but it is my blog and it does say "All that I Am".

Guess what... jaxon's basketball team is playing in the Championship Game this Sunday!!! We are very excited. Both Ed,Makenna and I lost our voices from screaming like maniacs...can you just imagine??? For the game since I am team mom I am making pompoms and a big "D" and then a fence. Get it..Defense!!! Oh I just can't wait!!! Oh i would post a picture but they are still in my camera and i have no energy to get up and get the darn thing.

Work wise i got everything shipped and on it's way to CHA. thank goodness!!! Now just tying up little details for the big show. getting excited to see everyone and meet some new friends i have made in the blog world.

Not alot to say and am pretty tired. so i will talk with all of you later!



Cheryl McCarley said...

You know that I wasn't happy with the game...hey, how do you get music to play on your blog?

Kelley Upchurch said...

Hi Suezi...very cool blog - it is my first time here! How was your class at Timeless last week? I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it! Well, I just wanted to say hi - say hello to the rest of the Gurzi clan for me!
Kelley Upchurch