Monday, January 28, 2008

Class pictures and random stuff

This is the project that i will be teaching at Timeless Treasures in RSM.The pictures don't give it justice. There are some cute tags that go along with it as well and lots of embellishments. Their phone number is 949-888-7151. Consider this a shameless plug!! I would love it if you all would come to my class. I love love teaching and it would be oodles of fun with all my friends and their friends!! So don't collect 200 bucks when you pass go, go sign up and get a fantastic evening with MOI!

On to other exciting stuff...
Our weekend was packed with basketball and some baseball. Jaxon's team won their first playoff game. The looked great. so now we are in the winner's bracket. Kinda sounds impressive..really isn't but sure makes the boys feel good about themselves.
Makenna was pretty much non existent this weekend. She was here long enough to help me with my blog and then she was off. We really miss her sometimes and then again sometimes not!!
Here she is being a goofball at her birthday party this past summer. She is not hurting for personality. not really sure where she gets that from...heehee!!
I can't believe that i have been her mom for 14 plus years. it is amazing how time flies by soooooo very fast! Most of my friends have kids around the same age give or take a year. We just marvel that we were just in MOPS together changing diapers and getting no sleep and now we are worrying about them driving and being in a car with a young driver and not to mention school dances which brings up the whole dating issue. ugh!!! Ed and I just try to encourage and steer her in the right directions and hope that she makes wise choices. One of my very favorite lines in a movie comes from Freaky Friday.
Jamie Lee Curtis yells out to Lyndsey Lohan,"make wise choices". Love it! I usually tell her and Jaxon for that matter alot. it makes them laugh but also gets my point across.
i guess we just love them, pray for them and know that God has His hands on their path and He will steer them straight. I rest in that...ALWAYS!
Wow, didn't mean to get so deep but I guess that is where I am at right now. Seems to be what my blog is about RIGHT NOW...RIGHT NOW! haHa. Little did Stephanie know what she had started with me.
Ciao my friends!!!


Cheryl McCarley said...

Hi Suezi,
I too love that saying in Freeky Friday! I would say it all the time - Too funny! Yes, they are growing up TOO fast. I like how my kids are coming along, but you know they can change that in an instant---"make good choices" revisited! I'm not sure if I can make it on Thursday, but keep me up with anymore classes you might be teaching. Do I have to reserve or can I drop in? Let me know. Nice to see you doing the blog thing again!

suezi said...

hey there cheryl..
i am not sure if the class is getting full so i would call just in case. i don't think that it is but you never know.
went lurking on your blog. those are some beautiful paintings my friend!

Cheryl McCarley said...

you mean you stalked my

Leslie said...

Loved seeing your spot Suezi. Will bookmark for sure... Your kids have gotten big, they are both so beautiful.. So wish I could go take that class.. would be fun. You make beautiful things... :)

Drop me an email whenever you need me...

Patsy said...

Let me tell you about Makenna, or should I say Suezi Jr., as I may be calling her from now on. I was driving her, Caroline and Rae over to the yogurt place after Rae's dance show last week, and they were reminiscing about their little girl crushes. I'm quoting Suezi Jr. when I tell you that out of her mouth comes the comment "Good Times!" Dang! She sounded just like you! I still laugh thinking about it!