Saturday, January 26, 2008


A couple of days ago Stephanie my fine friend tagged me to post what are you doing RIGHT NOW!
I hadn't blogged for a few weeks so I posted something fast.
So now I am posting what I have been doing most of the day.
I have some sneak peeks of some projects that I have created from our new line at mambi. I have to say that the 3 new lines are probably the BEST we have ever come out with. The colors are gorgeous and the embellishments are incredible. I made this cute clock with our coastal culture line. Looking at it i think i should change the clock hands to black...hmm...
I love all the large alphabets that are out there. So i altered a few of them. This again is using the coastal culture.

I hope you are able to bring it up and see the details. If you are at CHA swing by to say of course and to see the new stuff. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!! I want to show you everything but you know what they say i would have to ---- you!
As you can see i changed up the blog a bit. I had to have Makenna help me with the computer details. So not only did i put a banner which is of Park City last year. I took this when we went on a sleigh ride with my parents and the Cowboy Poet!
I also added a song playlist. I feel so official. I really want a snazzy banner. So if you out there no how let me know. I get a little jealous when i stalk other blogs and they have these awesome banners. Also, if you wouldn't mind telling me how to link in my paragraph other blogs without typing the whole blog name I would be so indebted. I may even throw in some goodies!!

We are off the UCI men's basketball game. have I mentioned that I like basketball?? I was telling someone at work this and it got me thinking. I just like anything that involves competition. Little league has invaded our household and I just can't wait to get out there and start cheering my boy on. Ed was telling the parents last night at our team meeting that he wants to make sure first and foremost that the boys (10-12 year olds) have fun. I was thinking fun nothing they can have fun later...we want to WIN! That is probably a really good reason I am not a coach. I even have that attitude for Makenna's color guard team. Like I said a good competition is what I enjoy!!

I better jam. Just rambling is all i am doing. Don't forget to sign up for my class at Timeless Treasures in RSM if you live in that area. I will post a picture as soon as I find where it is in the computer. I am telling you computer issues will throw me over the edge!
What you doing right now? Let us know. I am tagging
Cheryl and
Annie and everyone else that reads my blog!
Happy Saturday!


annie said...

Love the new look and the Eric Clapton! The new MAMBI line looks beautiful, can't wait to see it in cool that you designed it!!

suezi said...

we have alot of the same taste in music. :)