Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been tagged

Okay so I get to work and their is an email from Stephanie that I have been tagged by her from which she has been tagged by Stacy Julian which like she said would be like getting tagged by Tony Hawk or maybe Paula Deen for you non scrappy friends out there.
So I need to state 7 random things about myself.
hmmmm.....this may take me awhile because right off the bat I can't think of any! Although i know that Ed can think of TONS!

1. I must wipe down my kitchen counters every night before I go to bed!

2. I have to have my throw pillows on my couch in their correct positions and indented before go to work or leave the house for the day. Which is weird because i don't really care about making the bed each day!
Okay so far I sound like a total freak!

3. I must have a diet coke every day just one from a fountain and not a can! Which was hard in South Africa be it that they do not have diet coke there only coke light can you say YUCK! Went through some major withdrawals over there.

4. I wear sunglasses even when it rains and is very gloomy!

5. When I am flying I check my ticket every what seems like 5 seconds to make sure i am in the right terminal and such even though i know that i am.

6. I don't like HOT coffee i like lukewarm coffee.

and finally number 7. I cannot work/create in a clean space it must look like BOMB HAS EXPLODED!
Well that is it and for those of you that are new to my blog welcome and go tag someone you love!
As far as who visits my blog I am tagging Annie and Jodi and Leslie.i just thought of someone else to tag Stephanie
Have fun girls!

Here area couple of things that I have been working on.

The card is for Wilna and her friend Lois. Scroll down to 2 posts back and get the info about that. The mini book is something that i created from our Sanctuary line.

Off to get to work. I have a busy day creating! Yippee!!! Hope my desk is a mess!


Cheryl McCarley said...

Hey Suezi,
I knew we were a lot a like from the moment we met...yes, I frantically wipe my counters down (ask my hubby). And yes, I too, have to arrange my pillows before leaving, before bed time just in case someone enters the house when unexpected. What where our parents drinking? Too funny. I must say though, EVERY bed needs to be made, EVERYDAY!! So there we have one thing uncommon. Miss seeing you every week, girl!! Thanks for sharing!

How do you get music playing on your blog?


ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words! Much appreciate it!

christy p said...

OHHHh I am a diet coke FREAK. I especially love it from McDonalds...they have the carbonation just right...and the big straws. Mmmmmmmm....

susan said...

I'm cracking up because I totally straiten my pillows on my couch before I leave or even go upstairs but I never make my bed. I am so with you regarding the diet coke. I knew I liked you :)