Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is happening!!!???

Not really sure what is going on with this blog?? Is it me or is it blogger! Yesterday posted about my friends shower and the pictures showed up but no dialogue. What the heck???
Frustrated for sure!
Hopefully this will show up so that you all don't think I am coocoo for cocopuffs!
I hosted a shower along with my friends Shelly and Ellen for our dear friend/sister's daughter in law to be Sara! It was an awesome day showering Sara with love and blessings! Our decorations were a total hit. I will tell you though putting one of these shin digs on it exhausting! We had tons of help thank goodness! Stacie and Ellen's mom Colleen is a rock star in my book. Scroll down and gander at the decorations. Super easy and pretty cheap really. Deco tip...tulle and tissue paper! You can do wonders with both of those. Just don't skimp on cheap tissue paper. buy it at Papyrus. It will be worth the extra 20 cents!
I have another great project up my sleeve hopefully I will be able to get it done to show all of you next week.
If you haven't checked out mambi's blog in awhile...GO! I posted an easy fast home decor project there!
Ciao Bellas~


randy said...

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