Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sara's shower

Summer is well on it's way and to say i have been busy is really not the case! It has been somewhat of a slow start to our summer. The weather has been darn right uncooperative. Gloomy and sometimes cold. A couple of weeks we could have worn ugg boots and lit a fire. Really puts a summer girl in a bad mood! The kids have stayed busy. Ed and I even had 2 days with no kids. Kinda sad really. Didn't think I would ever say that but we really don't have that much longer with them. Man oh man when the older folk tell you to enjoy this time with your kids because it goes by so fast...they ain't lyin! So from an older folk to the younger folk it may seem like ages before they are independent and not hanging on you for every need LISTEN UP...it is gone before you know it...REALLY!

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor along with my friends Shelly and Ellen to host a bridal shower for Stacies' oldest Jordan who is getting married this August to a wonderful girl...Sara. Wow, showers are hard work. Not really in that mode of hosting showers. I have hosted a shower or two before but that was a long time ago. You know when all your friends are getting married and it seems like all you do is go to weddings. Like I said a long time ago. It was so much fun and if I do say so myself we did a FANTASTIC job. It all just came off fantastically. We worked very well together. It was a great day to spend with friends and the Maslyn family.
Below were our centerpieces. Soup cans collected and then covered with Mambi paper. distressed and inked edges. Then I gathered 3 to make a grouping and tied together with tulle. Bargain tip- tulle. man that stuff is cheap and can add just the right touch. It also comes in a plethora of colors.We also made a ton of tissue paper poms. Super easy and again super cheap. another little tip-don't skimp on cheap tissue paper. The pink poms are made from cheap target tissue paper and the brown and cream colored poms are made from tissue paper from Papyrus. They definitely held their shape better.
this is the mini banner I made for the stair rails. I used the coffee filter flowers glued them onto ribbon and then swagged them from the railings.
This was our center stage for Sara. I made a banner from the leftover material we used for the tables and made a banner for the stage. I cut out triangles and sewed them onto brown ribbon and then we added tulle and ribbons in between each triangle. I also made some little pom flowers out of coffee filters and then sprayed them with pink glimmer mist. Hmmm...maybe a little tutorial for those in the future.

This is Stacie with her daughter in law to be. An awesome picture of those two. Look what fun they are having already! Love it!

It was a great day and Shelly, Ellen and I were pooped after it was all over. We had a ton of help from Makenna to Stacie and Ellen's Mom Colleen. It really takes a village to pull one of these off.

Gotta jet I need to post on Mambi's blog later today. Head on over there tomorrow to see the cool home decor project I am going to post.

Ciao Bellas!