Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is happening!!!???

Not really sure what is going on with this blog?? Is it me or is it blogger! Yesterday posted about my friends shower and the pictures showed up but no dialogue. What the heck???
Frustrated for sure!
Hopefully this will show up so that you all don't think I am coocoo for cocopuffs!
I hosted a shower along with my friends Shelly and Ellen for our dear friend/sister's daughter in law to be Sara! It was an awesome day showering Sara with love and blessings! Our decorations were a total hit. I will tell you though putting one of these shin digs on it exhausting! We had tons of help thank goodness! Stacie and Ellen's mom Colleen is a rock star in my book. Scroll down and gander at the decorations. Super easy and pretty cheap really. Deco tip...tulle and tissue paper! You can do wonders with both of those. Just don't skimp on cheap tissue paper. buy it at Papyrus. It will be worth the extra 20 cents!
I have another great project up my sleeve hopefully I will be able to get it done to show all of you next week.
If you haven't checked out mambi's blog in awhile...GO! I posted an easy fast home decor project there!
Ciao Bellas~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sara's shower

Summer is well on it's way and to say i have been busy is really not the case! It has been somewhat of a slow start to our summer. The weather has been darn right uncooperative. Gloomy and sometimes cold. A couple of weeks we could have worn ugg boots and lit a fire. Really puts a summer girl in a bad mood! The kids have stayed busy. Ed and I even had 2 days with no kids. Kinda sad really. Didn't think I would ever say that but we really don't have that much longer with them. Man oh man when the older folk tell you to enjoy this time with your kids because it goes by so fast...they ain't lyin! So from an older folk to the younger folk it may seem like ages before they are independent and not hanging on you for every need LISTEN is gone before you know it...REALLY!

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor along with my friends Shelly and Ellen to host a bridal shower for Stacies' oldest Jordan who is getting married this August to a wonderful girl...Sara. Wow, showers are hard work. Not really in that mode of hosting showers. I have hosted a shower or two before but that was a long time ago. You know when all your friends are getting married and it seems like all you do is go to weddings. Like I said a long time ago. It was so much fun and if I do say so myself we did a FANTASTIC job. It all just came off fantastically. We worked very well together. It was a great day to spend with friends and the Maslyn family.
Below were our centerpieces. Soup cans collected and then covered with Mambi paper. distressed and inked edges. Then I gathered 3 to make a grouping and tied together with tulle. Bargain tip- tulle. man that stuff is cheap and can add just the right touch. It also comes in a plethora of colors.We also made a ton of tissue paper poms. Super easy and again super cheap. another little tip-don't skimp on cheap tissue paper. The pink poms are made from cheap target tissue paper and the brown and cream colored poms are made from tissue paper from Papyrus. They definitely held their shape better.
this is the mini banner I made for the stair rails. I used the coffee filter flowers glued them onto ribbon and then swagged them from the railings.
This was our center stage for Sara. I made a banner from the leftover material we used for the tables and made a banner for the stage. I cut out triangles and sewed them onto brown ribbon and then we added tulle and ribbons in between each triangle. I also made some little pom flowers out of coffee filters and then sprayed them with pink glimmer mist. Hmmm...maybe a little tutorial for those in the future.

This is Stacie with her daughter in law to be. An awesome picture of those two. Look what fun they are having already! Love it!

It was a great day and Shelly, Ellen and I were pooped after it was all over. We had a ton of help from Makenna to Stacie and Ellen's Mom Colleen. It really takes a village to pull one of these off.

Gotta jet I need to post on Mambi's blog later today. Head on over there tomorrow to see the cool home decor project I am going to post.

Ciao Bellas!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let Summer Begin!

Yesterday was the last day of school and I have to tell you it seemed like we were the only ones left still in school even with all of our furlough days!
I now have a 7th grader and a senior in high school. Really not sure when that happened! I swear I was just in high school. With facebook now and all the re-connections I have made it really seems like I just graduated. But then I get knocked down every morning when I get out of bed and I just don't seem to pop out as fast as I use to. Them old bones are a creaking and stiff. Such a huge bummer. With school out beach days will begin! Love the beach days. I can remember having weekly beach days when I was a kid. I hope my kids remember them as fondly as I do.
At the office I had to bang out a couple of projects/layouts for Dubai believe it or not. This mini album is from our family kit. Everything in this album comes in the kit except for the ribbon. Pretty rockin if you ask me. I also used the "zutter" for the first time. My head is just swimming with endless ideas now. It took me a while to get the hang of it but once I did Oh My Heck it is pretty awesome.

Pictures are totally out of order. Blogger is being quirky today or it just might be me! My favorite page is the back cover. I added a little card on the last page. Love it!

Tomorrow if you are a local gal come and join me for my dear friend Veronica's first book signing. She has an amazing story and her book is compelling, keeps you on the edge of your seat and the most amazing example of God's grace, love and dedication to His children!
Come meet her in person and of course I will be there and not to mention we will have some yummy treats! I am so excited for her and to be on this awesome journey with her. Really you must come if you can.
Have a fantastic weekend my friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honor thy Father

Is everyone as busy as I am??? The end of the school year always seems to be packed with activity after activity! Jaxon will be promoting from 6th grade next week. I can't believe we are done with Elementary School??!! When did that happen??? I think I am ready to be done and for him to be moving on. I don't know how some of you with more than two kids keep the excitement of elementary school going. Although you gotta just love those kindergartners! I mean they are just the best!
Father's day is around the corner and so I thought I would show a few cards I made for that occasion. I used mainly paper and very few embellishments. Only because I don't want to waste great embellishments on men who don't really appreciate the frou frou-ness of it all. Some do I am sure but none of my Dad's do. :0 Most of the paper is from our "Journey" line out now in Michael's and our newest Dad soft spoken and stickers. All at your local Michaels and LSS. I love love love the "Journey" line. The colors are fabulous. A little edgy and rustic. Not too much though. Go check out the whole line. It is what you see in the cards and more. Transperencies, a travel journal, soft spoke and tons more!
As you can see so very simple.

What are you doing to honor the men in your life?? Are they like my wonderful husband and want to sit in front of the t.v watching the U.S. Open? Do you BBQ? Or go out? Not sure what we are doing yet.
Still looking for a buffet or hutch or something on Craigs List to refinish. I seem to be just missing the boat on that. I don't want to spend a lot of cashola and I am thinking you have to look a lot during the day which I don't really have to the time. Something will come up and when it does I am ready with my spray paint.

Have a fantastic weekend spending time with your Dad's.
Ciao Bellas~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another season ends!

We are coming to the end of another baseball season. It has been a rough one to say the least. What is it about parents and all the whining and sneaky business in kids sports. I just don't get it!Jaxon moved up to play in the Juniors division. He is 13 and not that big so when I saw what I can men-children I was a bit nervous. But, he did great and loves playing the game. Sad to see it end as I love watching my kids compete in anything but like I said earlier ready for all the baseball drama to be over and to have my husband back and not have his phone attached to his ear listening to all the whiners!

My niece plays softball and made All Stars for her district so in honor or her I made 2 layouts for her using our sports chipboard embellishments. They are perfect as they are not cutesy and add a perfect element of sporty to the layouts.

On another crafty note I have been surfing a lot of different blogs in regards to decorating on a budget. There are tons of blogs out there that have a ton of ideas, tutorials, etc. One of my favorites is they have redone some furniture that is amazing. That gave me inspiration to refinish some shelves that we had that were pine. I painted them black and they came out fantastic! I love that it cost me less than 20 bucks and made such a big difference in the look. So I have been on Craigslist and am trying to score a buffet or hutch and I will post pictures of when I start that project! Wish me luck!

Have a fantastic day my blog friends!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend happenings

*picture heavy
This was a BIG weekend for the Gurzi household. Makenna's Junior Prom somewhat took over the whole weekend! I am exhausted from all the activities. We not only spent Saturday getting her ready but we then hosted an little after party for her friends. I am CRAZY! I just kept telling myself it is way better to know she is safe and sound after prom then having her at someone else's house. Funny story which seems to be the case with us. Her date had not answered any of her phone calls or texts all week. He doesn't go to her school so she needed to give him the 411 on all the details for Saturday. Saturday at 11:00 Am we still could not get ahold of him. This put Ed and I on high alert and were snapping into action. Since parents don't get to talk with these kids nowadays as they all have their own phones we were searching for his parents phone numbers. Long story short the date finally called and told her his phone had been taken away and his Mom had put it on silent so she wouldn't have to deal with it. Hayden's Mom was so apologetic but I can tell you we were a bit worried. All worked out! Just a little drama to add to the memories. sometimes I could do without a little drama! Other than maybe being a little forgetful Hayden was a great Prom date and they both had a great time. This is my favorite picture. So stinkin cute. Can't believe my baby is a Junior!

They rented a Coach bus for all 25 of them. Gone are the days of a limo for 6-8 kids. They have gone "Big Time" and now need coach buses. Don't get me started!

These 3 and their poses. They are always good for the Charlie Angels pose and their "Sasha Fierce" pose.

This is just part of their group. A great group of kids.

This shot was for me. I made her flower for her hair and I love the corsage and flower together. Matched her dress perfectly!
Best memory of the night... my daughter gets pulled off the dance floor to get drug tested because she is dancing so crazy. She of course tested clean. They just don't know that she is a big ole dork! She won't show me her dance moves but assures me there is no "grinding" moves at all! Oh how I wish I could have been there to see that!

It was a great weekend for her and fun to experience it all with her and her friends. The whole weekend had me thinking about my Prom memories. Something a girl never forgets!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A couple of Layouts

First off I must say THANK YOU to my faithful followers! I can't believe I still have a few of you left! You people are GREAT! The last few months here at Mambi have been extremely busy and needless to say I have tons of eye candy to show you! This layout is out of the "FRIENDS" kit. I love the colors of the and green love it! The only thing I added to the LO above is the pink ribbon. That is one of the characteristics I love about our kits. It includes everything you need to create awesome layouts. And not just one but multiples.This next LO is out of the "sassy" line. Again loved the color combinations.

This by far is my most favorite to date. A little inking and distressing adds a ton of dimension to any layout. Plus this is from my favorite line. Ah man I can't think of the name right now and can't find anything in my office. Ugh!
My most very favorite line to date is about to make its mark in Michaels the end of this week so stay tuned. Some freakin fantastic papers, embellishments, and kits. Oh the colors!
On the home front we seem to be heading into a busy season... End of the school year. Although I will say this when is the slow season??!!! Summer is around the corner can't wait but I shudder at the thought of putting on a bathing suit already!
Love summer and the beach and everything about summer. The slow lazy days I can't wait for. Have you made any summer plans yet?
gotta jet adhesive is calling my name!