Monday, September 8, 2008

It is Monday... Monday

What is it about Mondays??? Just hard to get started onto a new week. I do like Mondays sometimes. You never know what the week ahead will have in store for you, which can be exciting. Sometimes you know what is ahead and that's when you might want to throw the covers over my head and tell the week to come and get me when it is all over! Ever feel like that?? This week is a little like that. We are still dealing with Jaxon and getting him moved into a new class. We are at this point waiting. I am not a waiter! Is that a word?? I like action and getting things done and then move forward either to recover or to begin! Does that make sense? It is hard. This Mom job like Stephanie has written about is frustrating, and intense sometimes. I just never know if I am pushing when I should be standing by and standing by when I should be pushing. I am sure God feels like that a lot! At least with me. I will say this if it wasn't for my FAITH I just don't know what it would be like. When those feelings start to conjure up I look up! So this week I will be doing a lot of looking up! A LOT!

Okay enough rambling...

I am one happy Sports Mom. Football, baseball, color guard have all started! Yippee! I would have had pictures except my camera was at the office! ugh! To me there is nothing better than watching your kids in a sport of some sort! Love Love Love it! So as you can guess that is where we were most of our weekend! Good Times!

We also got in what might be our last day at the beach. With everything starting it will be hard to get to the beach on the weekends. That is when you know summer is over. Except that is was 95 degrees all weekend!

I am flying on a jet plane on Thursday to Minneapolis to the Mall of America for Scrapfest! We will be doing over 3000 that is right 3000 make and takes and 5 classes this next weekend! Sounds exhausting but I really do love it! The energy I get from the class participants and from the event is so flippin awesome! Best part of my job! The other best part of my job the locations I get to visit! Mall of America...Oh My Heavens! I think I have said this before the shoes that will be awaiting for me!

I can't believe it has been a year since Stephanie and I were in South Africa!! Wow! Again blogger is not letting me post pictures. What is going on??? Chalk it up to Mondays!

Stephanie A. will be leaving in a month over to SA. I am so excited for her. Those women over there are in for a treat! It was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Aside from my kids and husband. The people we met, her, them, them, and of course her, and him. They made it that more memorable! Good People! I can't forget about Glenda, Louise and Val. They are the fabulous women that put on that whole event! Talk about incredible women! This event hosts 1000 women for 3 days. Tons of work and then they take us out for a week of sight seeing. Just incredible!

Okay enough rambling I need to pick a winner!

Patsy is our winner! Since you live so close I will swing it by your lovely abode. Especially since you still might not be driving yet.

Patsy said...
I've spent the summer with a broken, then operated on, then casted up ankle. It hasn't been to "fond" of a summer. But my camo cast equipped with rhinestones and ribbons got a lot of compliments, and my new walking boot (even though I'm not walking) is bedazzled and ready to go. I am very fond of my supportive family who have been trying very hard to take care of me and our house, but the look on their faces when the doctor said "three to four more weeks of crutches"...well let's just say it was....priceless!
August 26, 2008 10:25 PM

Thanks for participating girls!

I am off to finish up a layout or two.



Anonymous said...

Hey Suzei,
You've been tagged from my blogsite! You are it! :-)


Patsy said...

Thanks Suezi. I'm back to work this week, but only two hours a day and am still sportin' the crutches, but fortunately am able to drive. Call ahead, or if I'm not here when you stop by, you can always leave it on the porch. Thanks again!

NanaBeth said...

So I'm nosy and of course had to click and see who went to Africa last year. I really don't think "him" was a hot dog from the 7/11.
However, if it was you did really good getting it through customs!

christy p said...

I hope you have a safe and FUN trip....

Post your LO's so I can get some inspiration!

Jodip12 said...

Oh Seuzi...we were in South Africa a year ago? What the heck. That was amazing. The sites, the crazy ladies and best of all meeting friends like you. Matt and i love ya!