Thursday, September 25, 2008


This week was babealicious' birthday. Who is that you ask??? Babealcious is Ed, husband extraordinaire! I've always called him that. don't really know why. It fits him perfect!

The bummer about babealicious is, he really doesn't care too much about celebrating his birthday. He never wants or gives me hints on gifts. We still take him to dinner and get him something though. Even if it is against his wanting. If you ask me who doesn't want to open presents every once in awhile. I say bring it on! This year we had to break the celebrating up. We just have too many practices and such going on during the week. So this past weekend we had his family over for dinner,his actual birthday we went to Ruby's for dessert and then yesterday we had our birthday dinner at Islands. Our family's favorite!

Here he is with the kids. Just can't get those two boys to be serious for nothing!
Happy Birthday Babe! We love you tons!

I have gotten some stuff done here at the office. I was finally able to use one of my very favorite soft spoken...the zoo one.

Love Love the zoo embellishments. The little girl in this layout is our very own Cindy our HR gal at mambi! We just love Alyssa. She has been coming to the office since she was i don't know 12 weeks old. So fun to watch her grow! This might just be one of my favorite layouts i have done in awhile. Even if it is simple!
Here are a couple of projects I did for Michaels. Love the Cornucopia line.

What i did for this was covered a tin vase with our cornucopia paper using modge podge. inked all the edges. Using the cricut is cut our tons of different flowers at different sizes inked all their edges glued them together back to back and added buttons, ribbons etc. Glued a dowel in the middle of the flower wrapped different colored pipe cleaners around the dowel and then stuck them in some flower foam and placed it all in the vase when I was done placing the flowers where I wanted them. I then covered the flower foam with moss, gluing down here and there. I added some of our pretty soft spoke cornucopia flowers and Voila and pretty centerpiece or fall accent for your home!
I wanted to post the recipe book that I made as well but I don't have the pictures. I will post later. It is pretty cool if I say so myself!
Looking back I never did post the mini hanging album i created out of our "sunshine" line.
die cut a large flower out of chipboard and cover it with paper. I then accordion folded some yellow cardstock adhered to both chipboard pieces. Added some mats of different sizes and varieties. Embellished with some soft spoken, then added ribbon to add texture and color. You can use this as a mini album or hang it up.
Stephanie has started the countdown. 90 days until Christmas. That is right 90 days or 3 months if that makes it seem longer away! where has this year gone. I say it every year. It seems to go faster and faster as I get older! so as crafty as most of you readers are. Get your supplies together. Start thinking about your Christmas cards. Buy or order your ribbon for presents and crafts. I am going to try and make this year a crafty year. simple little bags, frames, etc. Let's see how I pull this off. Should be a fun adventure! 90 days my friends.
Gotta jet. Lots to do!


Shelby said...

90 days til Christmas ... OH MY! Love your post today ... so much to see!

NanaBeth said...

I was trying so hard to look over Stephanie's comment and you just had to reinforce it. I'd better get my rear in motion.