Thursday, September 25, 2008


This week was babealicious' birthday. Who is that you ask??? Babealcious is Ed, husband extraordinaire! I've always called him that. don't really know why. It fits him perfect!

The bummer about babealicious is, he really doesn't care too much about celebrating his birthday. He never wants or gives me hints on gifts. We still take him to dinner and get him something though. Even if it is against his wanting. If you ask me who doesn't want to open presents every once in awhile. I say bring it on! This year we had to break the celebrating up. We just have too many practices and such going on during the week. So this past weekend we had his family over for dinner,his actual birthday we went to Ruby's for dessert and then yesterday we had our birthday dinner at Islands. Our family's favorite!

Here he is with the kids. Just can't get those two boys to be serious for nothing!
Happy Birthday Babe! We love you tons!

I have gotten some stuff done here at the office. I was finally able to use one of my very favorite soft spoken...the zoo one.

Love Love the zoo embellishments. The little girl in this layout is our very own Cindy our HR gal at mambi! We just love Alyssa. She has been coming to the office since she was i don't know 12 weeks old. So fun to watch her grow! This might just be one of my favorite layouts i have done in awhile. Even if it is simple!
Here are a couple of projects I did for Michaels. Love the Cornucopia line.

What i did for this was covered a tin vase with our cornucopia paper using modge podge. inked all the edges. Using the cricut is cut our tons of different flowers at different sizes inked all their edges glued them together back to back and added buttons, ribbons etc. Glued a dowel in the middle of the flower wrapped different colored pipe cleaners around the dowel and then stuck them in some flower foam and placed it all in the vase when I was done placing the flowers where I wanted them. I then covered the flower foam with moss, gluing down here and there. I added some of our pretty soft spoke cornucopia flowers and Voila and pretty centerpiece or fall accent for your home!
I wanted to post the recipe book that I made as well but I don't have the pictures. I will post later. It is pretty cool if I say so myself!
Looking back I never did post the mini hanging album i created out of our "sunshine" line.
die cut a large flower out of chipboard and cover it with paper. I then accordion folded some yellow cardstock adhered to both chipboard pieces. Added some mats of different sizes and varieties. Embellished with some soft spoken, then added ribbon to add texture and color. You can use this as a mini album or hang it up.
Stephanie has started the countdown. 90 days until Christmas. That is right 90 days or 3 months if that makes it seem longer away! where has this year gone. I say it every year. It seems to go faster and faster as I get older! so as crafty as most of you readers are. Get your supplies together. Start thinking about your Christmas cards. Buy or order your ribbon for presents and crafts. I am going to try and make this year a crafty year. simple little bags, frames, etc. Let's see how I pull this off. Should be a fun adventure! 90 days my friends.
Gotta jet. Lots to do!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!

I am so very happy that today is the First Day of Fall!!!! This is my very favorite season, time of year. Fall time means cooler temps here in the OC. That means 75-80 degrees, with some low 70's upper 60's here and there. Fall means pumpkin lattes at any of your coffee places...YUM! Fall means Football! Fall means time to break out the crock pot for some scrumptious meals. Fall means Thanksgiving and EVERYTHING that comes with that. I can almost smell the turkey and pumpkin pie. Can you tell I LOVE Fall! Love it! Late last week you could feel the air change. I just knew fall was around the corner.

This is what we get for the sign of fall. Not much but it does make me happy. Some color on our trees.

A jam packed weekend we just had. Lots of sports to attend. Ed and I actually were able to sneak a date in. Love when that happens. Both of our kids are chatter boxes (not sure where they get that from) so when they are around we are all fighting for the floor. We had Ed's parents and brother over for Ed's birthday. I am blessed to have great in laws. They crack me up!
Weekends just seem to fly by. Before I knew it it was another Happy Monday. Just bought this at the store...
Saw this at the store last week and thought this would make my life easier in the mornings. Now a little something about me I hate making lunches and breakfasts for my kids during the week. Weekends I will make anything, I just don't like it during the week. Weird I know. That is just how I roll. :)Such a dog gone chore. Plus with jaxon so picky it just isn't any fun. Jaxon is growing and he is hungry! I remember this from my brothers eating constantly. I tried this stuff this morning and it was GREAT! You don't have to make a full batch of pancakes, you don't dirty a bowl and utensil and it was fast! Go pick your family up a can. You will be so happy!

Gotta jet...
at the office and we have lots of deadlines. I am for sure going to pick me up a pumpkin latte and breathe in the fresh fall scents! Enjoy your first day of Fall!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a long one

Just a warning if you are not a scrapper you may want to visit another day. :)
I am back and somewhat feeling amongst the living. It has been quite a few weeks around here. Scrapfest was everything I thought it was going to be and then more! Loved every minute of it! For my new friends that I met while I was there... Welcome! I will be posting farther down in this post exactly what you are looking for. I want to welcome you and hope that you just don't come to visit once. I try to post inspiration of what we are doing at mambi as much as I can. I also like to give you little snippets of my life. Sometimes great and fun sometimes cranky and not fun! Just real i guess.
Didn't really get to see much of Minneapolis. Just the mall. And to say it is huge is an understatement. You can get lost in that darn mall. Maybe even spend the night and no one would know. I did buy a pair of shoes. Funny thing is I am sure I could have gotten them at my local mall. A pair of converse tennis. I would post pictures but true to form brought my camera but with no battery in it. I know I know LAME!
The family did well without me. In fact not sure if they missed me. The kids are older so really it is just carpooling and making sure they are fed at the time they are hungry. Of course they will let you know when they are hungry. Jaxon will not miss a meal. Be it that he is the pickiest person on this planet he will not miss a meal. Always asking what is for dinner...not that he will eat it. I call him the beige eating child. Everything he likes with the exception of pizza sauce is beige.
Now on to the make and takes at Scrapfest.
Best friends layout-Products used: PADX-04 Reese Specialty pad, CC-247 Alison notebook paper, CBP-19 doodle chipboard BFF, RW-143 Dahlia rhinestones singles
blue,black,& pink cardstock, blue rick rack,staples, white gel pen, black ink.

Family Reunion card-Products used:PADX-03 Renee- Family Specialty paper pad(4 3/4x 5 1/4 ), CC-256 Alison Swirls Plant cardstock (5 1/2 x 12),SS-256 Family reunion Soft spoken. Dark brown cardstock,lacy ribbon(5 1/2").
Hanging Dad Frame-Products used: PADX-03 Renee Family Specialty Paper pad, SS-219 renee-dad Soft spoken, various ribbons, chipboard (3x3) jump ring, dark ink.
I am posting all products used on each make and take. I do have project sheets for each one. I just can't figure out how to link them on the blog. Sooooo, if you need the directions email me and I will email you with the attachment.
I don't know what is going on with blogger. The last few times I've wanted to post pictures it won't let me. So glad i got to the make and take before it wigged out on me. I have been thinking about switching to typepad. Anyone have an opinion with typepad?
I gotta jet. Lots of projects need to be tended to. I feel like a chicken without it's head again.
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Oh my it has been awhile since i posted. I am back from Scrapfest and it has been a very long week and a half! I am making this short because we are having computer issues so I need to get off. I promise to have pictures of layouts, of my trip and catch you all up on the happenings around Mambi and at home.
For those of you that are visiting my blog for the first time...Welcome! I will have all the info you are looking for by the end of the week.
Peace out!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It is Monday... Monday

What is it about Mondays??? Just hard to get started onto a new week. I do like Mondays sometimes. You never know what the week ahead will have in store for you, which can be exciting. Sometimes you know what is ahead and that's when you might want to throw the covers over my head and tell the week to come and get me when it is all over! Ever feel like that?? This week is a little like that. We are still dealing with Jaxon and getting him moved into a new class. We are at this point waiting. I am not a waiter! Is that a word?? I like action and getting things done and then move forward either to recover or to begin! Does that make sense? It is hard. This Mom job like Stephanie has written about is frustrating, and intense sometimes. I just never know if I am pushing when I should be standing by and standing by when I should be pushing. I am sure God feels like that a lot! At least with me. I will say this if it wasn't for my FAITH I just don't know what it would be like. When those feelings start to conjure up I look up! So this week I will be doing a lot of looking up! A LOT!

Okay enough rambling...

I am one happy Sports Mom. Football, baseball, color guard have all started! Yippee! I would have had pictures except my camera was at the office! ugh! To me there is nothing better than watching your kids in a sport of some sort! Love Love Love it! So as you can guess that is where we were most of our weekend! Good Times!

We also got in what might be our last day at the beach. With everything starting it will be hard to get to the beach on the weekends. That is when you know summer is over. Except that is was 95 degrees all weekend!

I am flying on a jet plane on Thursday to Minneapolis to the Mall of America for Scrapfest! We will be doing over 3000 that is right 3000 make and takes and 5 classes this next weekend! Sounds exhausting but I really do love it! The energy I get from the class participants and from the event is so flippin awesome! Best part of my job! The other best part of my job the locations I get to visit! Mall of America...Oh My Heavens! I think I have said this before the shoes that will be awaiting for me!

I can't believe it has been a year since Stephanie and I were in South Africa!! Wow! Again blogger is not letting me post pictures. What is going on??? Chalk it up to Mondays!

Stephanie A. will be leaving in a month over to SA. I am so excited for her. Those women over there are in for a treat! It was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Aside from my kids and husband. The people we met, her, them, them, and of course her, and him. They made it that more memorable! Good People! I can't forget about Glenda, Louise and Val. They are the fabulous women that put on that whole event! Talk about incredible women! This event hosts 1000 women for 3 days. Tons of work and then they take us out for a week of sight seeing. Just incredible!

Okay enough rambling I need to pick a winner!

Patsy is our winner! Since you live so close I will swing it by your lovely abode. Especially since you still might not be driving yet.

Patsy said...
I've spent the summer with a broken, then operated on, then casted up ankle. It hasn't been to "fond" of a summer. But my camo cast equipped with rhinestones and ribbons got a lot of compliments, and my new walking boot (even though I'm not walking) is bedazzled and ready to go. I am very fond of my supportive family who have been trying very hard to take care of me and our house, but the look on their faces when the doctor said "three to four more weeks of crutches"...well let's just say it was....priceless!
August 26, 2008 10:25 PM

Thanks for participating girls!

I am off to finish up a layout or two.


Friday, September 5, 2008

NO blogger award here!

Okay so for some reason I am not getting to this blog. I really have no real great reason other than been school shopping, beachin it with the family, bbq's, 50th birthday celebrations, baseball, (yeap you see that right baseball), football, color guard, oh yeah and maybe this might be a good reason...
Okay blogger is not letting my download pictures.
I will just have to tell ya..
Flat tire on the toll road. Unfortunately I cancelled our AAA. At this point I can't remeber why I did that and will be signing up again for it! this meant Jaxon and I spent about 3 hours dealing with that fun little adventure! Luckily our friend just happen to drive by and saw us. Thank Goodness! I loathe car issues!
If you could have seen my yesterday I was doing the happy dance! Why you ask...SCHOOL STARTED! Yippee! Not that I don't love being around my kids but as they get older they seem to cost me a fortune during the summer! Plus I seem to be a referee more often as well! Makenna is ecstatic to start and I can't believe she is a sophomore! Yikes! She has been at the school all summer with Color Guard but she wants to see everyone! She called me during lunch and I could hear the excitement in her voice. I totally remember being like that! Here is a little mom advice...make your kids get involved in school! I am telling you it makes a HUGE difference! Ed and I were involved and we both loved high school! Those that weren't hated high school! Plus the memories you will have are priceless!
Jaxon started 5th grade and we have a little bit of an issue with his class this year. 4/5 combo class. Yuck! We are in the process of meeting with the principal and getting him out. Other than that he loves his school as well. We really are so blessed to live in an area with awesome schools and that our kids love school.
I did have time to do a project and a page. I will post pics later when blogger is cooperating!
I bet your thinking what about the contest!!!??? I am going to post pone it until next week. So what that means is you get an extra week to thing of your favorite summer memory and leave me a comment!
I will pick on Monday I promise!