Monday, May 19, 2008

so Thankful!

so much to tell and show you! Here is Orange County we had an unbelievable HOT weekend! 98 where i live. I am a summer kind of gal but as I have gotten older I am getting less tolerable of the heat! the family did get to get out there and enjoy it and I am so very thankful for that! We of course had baseball. 97 when those poor boys were out there. Makenna was pretty much gone most of the weekend until Sunday when I insisted that family time would take precedence over baseball! You see Ed not only manages Jaxon's team he umpires and is on the board. So needless to say we are either at the field or he is or at a meeting or whatever!
I am going to show you the weekend in pictures. So here is a recap...
While Jaxon went to the Angel game with the neighborhood boys-Thanks Davey Family, and Mak spent the night at Chica's, Ed and I went to our nephews baseball game. (because apparently we just can't get enough) and then went to dinner with them. They are two of the most adorable boys EVER! I just love them so very much! The make my hear t soar! they had the giggles that night the picture gets them in action. On Sunday we went to the beach. It was glorious! Apparently a lot of other baseball families had the same idea. I told my friend Twila apparently when we get a free day with no baseball we get the heck out of dodge! We saw a ton of dolphins one even jumped out of the water for us. I tried to get a picture of them but try as I do every summer I never have accomplished a dolphin picture. The only bummer of the weekend is I put my camera in the cooler and it got wet somehow.No the best move on my part! So now it won't turn on! if any of you have any grand ideas of how to fix it let me know! I am just sick about it! I am so grateful to live where I do. Thankful for a healthy family and wonderful friends!

Mambi Monday is today and the creative team is going to feature some of our new soft spoken. I already have my favs picked out and as soon as I finish the layout I will post it so that you can see. I will also sneak peek a couple of others as well. So make sure to stop by again!
Ciao Bellas~


NanaBeth said...

Looks like a fun day. Dolphins-I am so jealous. Glad you got a chance to relax and enjoy.

Jenn said...

I love your photos, and i love that you crop for autism Suezi cuz both of my boys have autism ..... and my dd has aspergers ..... YUP , all 3 of them .....
Have a wonderful week ! Not too hot here this week, lots of rain !