Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recovery and movin on

Okay, so last night Jaxon's team lost. 10-9. Great game...for TEXAS! I am a bit bitter and sad. Jaxon...already over it. The rest of the 10 year old Titans moved on when they found out we were having pizza for snack. Me, Ed and I am sure a few other parents...still going over the game in our heads. Maybe it is just me. There is a line in the movie Remember the Titans (how relevant is that) where the assistant coaches daughter says after he lost the Hall of Fame coaches award she says to her Dad "I wanted that Hall of Fame REAL BAD! I know how she feels. I wanted first place REAL BAD! I need to move on like the rest of those boys. Take a lesson from them.

I AM MOVIN ON! No more baseball is just RIDICULOUS!

I just found out that we have abut 12 spots left for the Me and My Freckle Friends Crop event. So if you are waiting I wouldn't wait too long! click on the logo and it will take you to where you can register. Stephanie has a sneak peek of what she has made for the silent auction and make and take. We are going to start posting pictures of the silent auction items in the next couple of days. Don't forget all proceeds will go to Autism Speaks. What a better day. Spending time with friends, scrapping and putting your money to a great cause.
Stephanie is doing on her blog "Inspiration to Creation" once a week. She is taking a picture of what ever has inspired her that week and then posting a picture of what she created from her inspiration. Kinda of like what Project Runway has done. It got me thinking of how we go about our daily lives and not really pay any attention to the little details all around us that can give us so much inspiration. Color, texture, etc. It also kinda of in a round about way goes with my bible study my group just finished. It is the Dangerous Surrender study by Kay Warren. There are so many different aspects to it but what touched me is to pay attention to where God is leading me. To surrender my fear of where His path is for me and open my eyes and ears to Him. I always want to focus on the Big Picture just like focusing on getting my errands done and missing all the inspiration around me. So here is a picture of what touched me today. Not really touched me but stood out.
Tons of color and lots of hard lines. Soft and hard texture. Not really sure what will come of it but I am going to put on my thinking cap and see where it takes me. Should be fun. Go on over to Stephanie's and check it out.
Last but not least the Salad Recipe.
This one is one of my very favorites. My suggestion is only make this one in the summer as it can be quite pricey any other time of the year.
Summer Spinach Salad
1 lb. of spinach
1 cup strawberries-sliced
1/4 lb. bean sprouts
1 cup red seedless grapes- sliced
1/4 cup bacon bits-make your own way better than the store bought
Toss in large bowl- set aside
1 cup oil
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/3 cup white vinegar
1 tsp. worchestsire sauce
3/4 cup sugar
1 small white onion- diced
Wire whisk all dressing ingredients. Toss with salad mix.
Okay now I sure haven't gotten many salad recipes and don't forget I am picking a winner at the end of the month of the best salad recipe. So post those recipes!!
you have until tomorrow to post a mom anecdote to get into the drawing for the Mambi kit. Leave a comment on yesterdays post for that one.
I am off kids are home and dinner needs to be thought of soon. Ugh!


Valerie said...

Not sure what you want as a Mom anecdote but I will say that I love MAMBI products. They are helping me record all those trasured family memories. Thanks for letting me play!

NanaBeth said...

If you're ever in Nashville, go to the Grand Ole Opry hotel, they have the best spinach salad in the world.
A hint from a Mom!