Monday, May 5, 2008

Life Lessons and Sunshine~

This weekend started out fantastic. We went to our friends the Murray's for dinner. We have known them since before Jaxon was born and the kids get along like sisters and brothers. A wonderful friendship. We Love the Murrays. I was coming off a somewhat stressful couple of days. So for me it was great to enjoy a glass or two of wine with my friend and just relax. But then baseball came on Saturday and with that comes issues! This year more than ever!I think it seems like more than ever because Ed is not only a manager, but he is an umpire and is the safety officer on the baord so needless to say we are baseball 24/7! Although I try to stay out of things and really just be a sounding board for Ed this was a hard one. It had to do with integrity. A huge issue in my book. This word seems to be creeping into my life alot lately. Hence the stressful couple of days last week. Not sure if God is trying to teach me or I am to be an example. I feel pretty strongly that I am to be an example. I don't really compromise my integrity since I feel so strongly against that. I just really HATE Dad's...who are coaches/mamagers that will do anything for a win. Even to their own son. People~ as competitive as I am, meaning I LOVE winning it is not worth it if you cheat, hurt, or whatever else to win a 10 year old baseball game. Lots of talk amongst parents and gossip. You know how that goes. Parents talk even if they don't know the specifics and don't get me wrong I have made the same mistake myself. I guess what I am trying to say here is I am learning from this guy and trying to put things into perspective. 10 year old ball is not going to make my life better whether we win or not.

Okay, onto other fun stuff....
Did you know that the Month of May is salad month?? I read that somewhere last month. Is that hysterical! Who knew!!

So in honor of May the Salad month. I am going to post a new salad recipe every week with a picutre of the delicious salad. I would love it if you would either send me your favorite salad recipe or even link us to your favorite salad recipe in the comments. I will pick my favorite recipe at the end of the month and will send the winner a small gift card to a grocery store in your area! How does that sound?? Should be fun and by the end of the month we should have a pretty good collection of recipes!

I haven't forgotten that it is MAMBI MONDAY!This fabulous Monday the creative team decided to post on our perspective blogs a project that we all used our new line "Sunshine" with. So after you read my blog hop on over to Renee,Rachel,Lauren,Stephanie, and Terri's blogs and go check out their projects. I have seen Renee's and it is stinkin cute and a great idea! Especially for a summer birthday party...just a little hint!
Here is my project. It was fast and super easy. It took me about a half hour to complete!
I really like the colors of this line. It will make for some great summer/vacation layouts and projects! You can get this new line at Michael's.
Go check it out and let me know what you think!
Have a fantastic day and don't forget to start gathering your favorite salad recipe. I will post mine tomorrow!
Ciao Bellas~


Lori Shrout said...

That is so cute - Love it ! I really need to check out this new line.

Shelby said...

SO cute! love it. Love the twine too, nice touch.