Tuesday, May 27, 2008

is it Monday or Tuesday???

It feels like Monday but yet it is Tuesday. So hard to get back into the swing of things when Monday is a holiday. Although for the most part Monday is the hardest day of the week we really do need our little Monday to help us get our week started!
Our Memorial weekend consisted of cruddy weather and Ed working most of the weekend. so needless to say we did not do much! We did get to the movies to see Indiana Jones...don't bother! so disappointing! It was good for the first hour and a half and then the bottom dropped out! Plus, why are movies do freakin long??? I really think they make them longer so we don't complain about paying 10 bucks! I say make them shorter and go back to 5 bucks a ticket! My first job was at the movie theatres. I can remember when we raised the prices from $2.75 a ticket to $3.25 a ticket. People threw rocks at our windows...I am dead serious!
I am posting a layout I did last week. I finally got a picture of it. I also did a couple of cards for Makenna's bible study teachers.
It is starting to heat up here at Mambi.We have our trade show in about 6 weeks. I need to start kitting my class real soon and next weekend is our crop event with Freckle Friends. So I need to not be blogging so much and get going.
We did get to church this weekend and it was really good! It was about God's mission map for us. some of us think that going on a mission is going around to the other side of the world. That is good and all but we have our own mission fields here in our own backyards. I like that! I like that my Jerusalem is where I live...Orange County! I can do that!

For the layout I used some of our new soft spoken that is being released at CHA-S. For the "thanks" card i used paper from our new "Sunshine" line and some of our new glitter alphabet. Love the colors of the alphabet. The "Thank You" card is from our Renee Family collection. I love the more masculine feel of the card.
I am off to finish up here at work!


Anonymous said...

I love the music... I haven't visited lately, but it looks like you've been up to alot of cool stuff! 6 Weeks till cha... didn't we just do that last month??? Geeezzz, time flies! Smiles, Deena

Jodip12 said...

Love you layouts you crafty little Diva. We may need to do another product swap...I'm feeling some MAMBI.

NanaBeth said...

Ah-the butterflies! Never enough butterflies-can't wait to get some.