Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and what not


What a week last week!!! We have been going non stop with baseball,bible sutdies, school work,work, and whatever else made our week fly by!. We are coming towards
the end of the baseball season and it is getting pretty intense. We are in 1st place and must win tonight to win the season which means we will play in TOC for you non baseball people means Tournament of Champions. Oh my Heavens!! Trying not to make it so stressful that Jaxon feels it. Very hard though.
Mother's Day came and went. I don't know what it is about posting on holidays. I have great intentions... thinking about something clever to post and then BAM gone is the stinkin day that I wanted to post on! I did have a fabulous day. Since my Mom and Mother in law were both out of town it was all about ME! I just asked for a very low key day. No fighting, whining kind of day. They did their best! We ended up meeting our friends the Murray's at Maggiano's for dinner! Yummy! I did manage to take some pictures of course none with my children.

This is what these four do when they get together! Goof Balls!
This is Ed and I, Doug and Torre! We just love them. We don't get to get together as much as we would like but when we do we always laugh and have fun! They are what you call "Good People"! Love them!
I missed spending time with my Mom! Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thanks for making the women that I am today! I Love you!
I also missed "Mambi Monday".
We are highlighting our new stuff that will be coming out at CHA-S. I am making a project with it. As soon as I finish I will post it. Great colors and love love the new soft spoken. I am not going to put picutres in it and will give it away to a lucky winner. When I post it tomorrow leave me a Mom anecdote and I will pick a winner from that.
I bet you are thinking she forgot about Salad Month! I did not! I will post that tomorrow as well. Susan from Freckle Friends posted a salad on her blog. Go here to see it. It sounds delicious! Speaking of Freckle Friends...did I mention the fabulous crop event we are hosting together.It is June 7th and I have a link on the side that will take you directly to the spot to sign up at! I promise it will be an event not to miss! We have some amazing stuff that we will be auctioning off. Ali Edwards has sent us something, Wilna Furstenburg has sent me a beautiful book to auction off! I am telling you that is just the tip of the iceberg! So sign up space is limited!
I am off to finish up the project I was talking about earlier and to think about baseball! I have to say I am stinkin excited!! Go Titans! What is one going to do when it is all over???
I finished the project faster than I thought. So I am posting the pictures of it. I used a kit from our new releases it is called the Renee Family kit. It is finished and all you would need to do is add pictures.

The template is from Louis in our graphics department. He made a ginourmous one for his Mom for Mother's Day. I had him shrink it down to fit a 12x12 piece of paper and Voila! A pretty simple card that took about an hour and a half to do. I will get a pdf file and post it tomorrow for the template. Don't forget to leave a Mom anecdote... be it for babies to teenagers. I will pick a winner on Thursday!
The Renee Family kit is on the left and the other two are some of my favorites from the release. This is what you will also get when you post an anecdote! So let's do this... winner number 5 will win the finished card and the 3 kits and winners number 10 and 17 will win the 3 kits. So post your anecdote comment! You have until Thursday.
One more thing that us here at Mambi forgot to mention on our blogs is Mambi has gone primetime tv!
If you are a fan of the show Desperate Housewives you might have seen it. Susan received a cookbook as a gift and on the front cover was the "Family" from our Modern Milan collection. How lovely is that?



Patsy said...

Now I watched Housewives and, dang, how could I have missed the Mambi shout out on the cover of Susan's book? I better brush up on my TV watching skills! ........Patsy

scrapaddict said...

love the page kits! they are fab!!

jen t--mjk02@verizon.net

scrapaddict said...

my mom antedote is....don't sit too close to the tv you'll need eyeglasses......awesome i saw the book on desperate housewives..it looked awesome!

Shawn said...

My Mom's favorite by far is when something in my life dissapoints me etc. she always says "It wasn't meant to be." Believe it or not it really does make me feel better.

Montanafam said...

My favorite has to be "Boring people are Boring"
Simple but oh so true.
Best wishes,

Jenn said...

Dang ! I watched and missed it too, but i have it DVR'd so now i must rewatch, that is awesome !
MAMBI's products are so awesome and just keep getting better i just love these . You guys are so generous .
Have a great weekend,
Jenn Z

Jenn said...

Ok, i forgot, moms anecdote : dont step on the cracks in the sidewalk , and now im OCD to this day ! LOL ....

Lori Shrout said...

My mother always told me "Can't never did nothin". Her English skills could have used some work, but that saying stays with me for sure.

She also used to always tell me "where there's a will there's a way". I'm sensing a theme here....

Pamela said...

Mom anecdote...don't play with fire and you won't get burnt. Cute MAMBI kits, that's for sure.

NanaBeth said...

Durn I missed it!

laura0711 said...

awesome kits!

Hubbard Family said...

From Stacie (with a strange Google account name):
There sure are a lot of Murray events on the blog... don't see any MASLYN dinners and BBQs...
You owe us Gurzi!!!