Wednesday, May 21, 2008

feeling blue!

So we went from 98 degrees to 70 degrees in about 60 seconds here in sunny orange county. We are officially now calling it May Gray. I thought it was June Gloom. Global warming my butt!!! When it gets like this I sometimes get a little blue. Not feeling real motivated to do much. House could use a good cleaning, closets to clean, car to get washed. So many things I can do but are refusing to do. So what do I do instead...BLOG! Post a new post and then read blog after blog. Makes the time go by fast. Such a waste of time though. But today I don't care! I also can't post with pictures because the camera is still not working and i don't think that it will turn on again. Refer to last post. so until i get a new one no new pictures with my posts.
I love reading blogs with pictures. It is a funny thing the blog world. I feel like I know all of you. Like you are part of my everyday world. Which you are but not really. Does that make sense?? I am sure it does to my blogger friends. What makes that statement more of a reality is the pictures on the blogs. The kids, husbands, extended families. Inspiring projects, layouts. I am just rambling on about nothing.
So very thankful for my blog friends to keep me busy!
Haven't forgotten about Salad of the Month. This next recipe has been around my family for years. It is the best and one of the fastest dinners ever!
Taco Salad
I am sure you all have some sort of version of your own but I do like mine the best!
1 lb. hamburger can use ground turkey
3-4 green onions-chopped
2-3 tomatoes-chopped
1 head of lettuce- chopped
1 can of pinto or red kidney beans drained
1-2 cups of mexican cheese
Doritios Corn chips-crushed about 2 cups
Wish Bone French dressing
Brown meat and drain fat when done.
Add beans and lower heat just to warm beans. I season with salt and pepper at this time
Toss together lettuce, tomatoes,onions. Put in crushed chips and cheese. Add your meat/bean mixture on top of cheese. add dressing. I add abut 1/2 cup to 1 cup of dressing I think?
Toss salad. I toss until everything looks well coated. Add more or less dressing depending on your likings.
You can also add a can of corn to this salad. Also, adding some taco sauce or Pico Pica. My family likes the spiciness added I do not so I let them add their own.
this makes a ton of salad. I like to put some aside before adding dressing. that way you have yummy leftovers the next day that are not soggy. Unless of course you like soggy salad.
Well i did put some laundry in that needs to be folded. At least i am some what productive!
Ciao Bellas~


NanaBeth said...

Blow it out with compressed air? Take it to a good camera dealer (for things like this I am not overly impressed with chains like BEst Buy)

annie said...

I don't know how I got behind in reading your blog but I missed a few. Hope your camera situation gets fixed. This time of year is so busy and I know exactly what you are talking about...blogging is a good way to tune out. It is freezing today....we have a fire going. I hope you managed to get some of your work done even though there is so much going on. Can't wait for the crop on the 7th!!!