Thursday, May 22, 2008

craziness and busy-ness

How many of you are burning the candle at both ends these days with school about to end, baseball season coming to an end, graduations, weddings, birthdays. This time of year for some reason for me gives Christmas time a run for its money! I received 2 graduation announcements yesterday in the mail. I know of another young man graduating on Saturday. Family birthdays are almost every week. That started about 3 weeks ago. It is just crazy!
The events that I am looking forward to the most are the graduations. One is my nephew Griffen. Pretty handsome guy. He can be quite reserved and quiet. So very proud of him. He really has turned into a great human being! I love how he interacts with Jaxon. Who by the way just loves his big cousin. Graduating is such a great accomplishment. It is so hard to remember that far back...26 years ago..can that really be...say it isn't so?? Back to remembering...the world was wide open. So many goals and ideas swirling around in my head back then. I am sure that I will shed a tear or two that day. Seeing him in his cape and gown. I can feel it welling up already. Such a cry baby I am! What is it about cap and gowns. Pomp and Circumstance song. So flippin exciting for these kids. Go out there and conquer the world Griffen we will be cheering you on!
Since I can't really add pictures yet I added a slide show to the sidebar. I posted all my projects and layouts that I have done lately. I will continue to add to that as i finish them.
I am going to sit back and think about what I wanted back in 1982 and ponder on if I accomplished anything that I thought I would.
You can go here if you want to see a picture of me back then. Not 1982 but pretty darn close! Gotta love big hair!
I better jet. Gifts to buy, projects to make and memories to think about!


NanaBeth said...

Can you believe we actually went out in public like that?