Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beautiful Day and Happy Feet

It is a beautiful day in Orange County!!! My feet are so happy to get out of closed toed shoes!! They really don't like to be couped up for so long in the winter. I can pretty much wear flip flops my first choice of footwear all year long it is just those few weeks where you just have to give into mother nature and the rain. I will say that my feet are officially president of the Barney Rubble Fan Club!!!
Since it is 80 or so outside and colder in my house i went outside to enjoy the sun and dethaw so to speak. Jaxon was outside jumping with his scooter so i thought get the camera. So many times i forget about the camera.
Here are some shots that I got. Wish i knew more about picture taking. Getting a little better just by reading some of your blogs and soaking up as much as I can through anyone that i can listen to.

I like the first two because of the shadows and the last one of course the height that he got but shooting into the sun actually i think gives a cool look and guess what I was laying on the driveway. My moment of thinking i was a real photographer!!! Plus the driveway was really warm. Remember when you used to lay on the ground as kids especially after running through the sprinklers! Great memories!
On another note my friend Wilna is asking everyone that reads her blog to do a random act of kindness(RAK) for her friend Lois. Go check it out. There could be a prize in it for you.
Off to start dinner! I hope you have enjoyed your day as much as we have over here! Even if it is snowing and cold. Hot chocolate doesn't sound bad either!