Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been tagged

Okay so I get to work and their is an email from Stephanie that I have been tagged by her from which she has been tagged by Stacy Julian which like she said would be like getting tagged by Tony Hawk or maybe Paula Deen for you non scrappy friends out there.
So I need to state 7 random things about myself.
hmmmm.....this may take me awhile because right off the bat I can't think of any! Although i know that Ed can think of TONS!

1. I must wipe down my kitchen counters every night before I go to bed!

2. I have to have my throw pillows on my couch in their correct positions and indented before go to work or leave the house for the day. Which is weird because i don't really care about making the bed each day!
Okay so far I sound like a total freak!

3. I must have a diet coke every day just one from a fountain and not a can! Which was hard in South Africa be it that they do not have diet coke there only coke light can you say YUCK! Went through some major withdrawals over there.

4. I wear sunglasses even when it rains and is very gloomy!

5. When I am flying I check my ticket every what seems like 5 seconds to make sure i am in the right terminal and such even though i know that i am.

6. I don't like HOT coffee i like lukewarm coffee.

and finally number 7. I cannot work/create in a clean space it must look like BOMB HAS EXPLODED!
Well that is it and for those of you that are new to my blog welcome and go tag someone you love!
As far as who visits my blog I am tagging Annie and Jodi and Leslie.i just thought of someone else to tag Stephanie
Have fun girls!

Here area couple of things that I have been working on.

The card is for Wilna and her friend Lois. Scroll down to 2 posts back and get the info about that. The mini book is something that i created from our Sanctuary line.

Off to get to work. I have a busy day creating! Yippee!!! Hope my desk is a mess!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beautiful Day and Happy Feet

It is a beautiful day in Orange County!!! My feet are so happy to get out of closed toed shoes!! They really don't like to be couped up for so long in the winter. I can pretty much wear flip flops my first choice of footwear all year long it is just those few weeks where you just have to give into mother nature and the rain. I will say that my feet are officially president of the Barney Rubble Fan Club!!!
Since it is 80 or so outside and colder in my house i went outside to enjoy the sun and dethaw so to speak. Jaxon was outside jumping with his scooter so i thought get the camera. So many times i forget about the camera.
Here are some shots that I got. Wish i knew more about picture taking. Getting a little better just by reading some of your blogs and soaking up as much as I can through anyone that i can listen to.

I like the first two because of the shadows and the last one of course the height that he got but shooting into the sun actually i think gives a cool look and guess what I was laying on the driveway. My moment of thinking i was a real photographer!!! Plus the driveway was really warm. Remember when you used to lay on the ground as kids especially after running through the sprinklers! Great memories!
On another note my friend Wilna is asking everyone that reads her blog to do a random act of kindness(RAK) for her friend Lois. Go check it out. There could be a prize in it for you.
Off to start dinner! I hope you have enjoyed your day as much as we have over here! Even if it is snowing and cold. Hot chocolate doesn't sound bad either!


Monday, February 25, 2008

get ready to roll on the floor laugh!!

I just had to post this! One of the best laughs ever!!!
if this doesn't make you laugh something is wrong with you!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Night

And the winner goes to...
Let's just say that tonight is one of my very favorites of the year. Almost like the Super Bowl to you sport fans. It is Oscar Night! Where all the stars come out in the "Sunday Best" gather and give out awards. You hear alot during the night that it is a very long night,they are hungry and don't really enjoy the whole pomp and circumstance of the whole day! I say bull----! I would love to experience just one day like that. Where when you walk in hundreds are yelling your name and you know that you look damn good! You get interviewed and told how fabulous you look and then go inside and see old and new friends! THEN you get to go to fabulous parties and drink yummy champagne and delectable food! Sounds like a great day! I would love to experience that just once!

Anyhoo, i watch from my couch and take in every detail of every dress, makeup, hairdos, tuxes, speeches and yes i usually cry at least at one. so far tonight not yet. I don't even like going to oscar parties because i don't want to talk during the show. yes i am somewhat weird that way. Then the next day i watch every morning news show to see if they agree with me. Then i watch the Fashion Police on the E channel and discuss with them like i was seating right next to them on the show! I should probably look into why I am so into one night that really has no connection to my life whatsoever. I just like it alot!!!'
This weekend was going to be a brutal weekend with all of our baseball and color guard activities but since it rained we lucked out. Only a color guard competition. Mission's A guard came in second and their Open guard came in first. Makenna is on the A guard and if I do say so myself she kicked butt! Not one drop of a flag, sabre of rifle!! Since this is our first year we really had no idea what to expect. The competitions are held in high school basket ball gyms and the groups are much smaller. So you really know when one makes a wrong move or drops something. Let alone it makes a very loud noise just in case you missed the drop. We are really proud of her. It has taken alot of dedication this year. Lots of time away from home.
Here are some pictures of last night. I love their costumes. The first picture is how they start out. Very interesting!

this is Jaxon and what he did during most of the competition. just thrilled to be there!
So excited on the work front. We actually are going to have what we are releasing for CHA-s in the warehouse soon. Bummer i can's show you. I can;t even make layouts or projects with it this early. Still working on some modern milan and coastal culture projects. Will show you those later in the week.
Heads up on a submission call. My dear friend Stephanie and her magazine what used to be called "Homegrown Hospitality" now called "Home to Heart" is asking for submissions for the August issue. If you are interested go here. You will find all the info you need on Stephanie's blog.
Have a fun Sunday night. If you want to talk about the Academy Awards email me and we can talk...for hours!
just cried for the gal who wrote Juno. Diablo Cody. She was a stripper at one time and then wrote this screenplay and here she is at that Academy Awards up on the stage. Like I said just once I would love to experience that! It just occured to me that my moment i might of had happen today at our end of the season party for basketball. I was give an award for Team Mom. it was an actual trophy! I missed my moment...when I could have given a heart stopping,poignant speech with all 25 moms,dad, kids watching me! Oh how funny that would have been. Maybe something like, "they like me they really like me!" I am laughing out loud right now just of the thought!
okay i swear i won't be back until tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CHA Update

Well I finally found some time to update this blog. CHA-W is over and things are getting back to normal around the office. For those non-scrapper/crafty people CHA is a big trade show that happens twice a year. Everything and anything crafty is there. Can be overwhelming and if you are crafty almost too much to handle!
It was a great time to reconnect with friends you only get to see at the show or say South Africa!Here is a picture of some of our South Africa peeps!Eric and Julie from Cosmo Cricket! Awesome couple! They had some great releases at this show! go check them won't be disappointed!
Glenda is actually from South Africa. She is the lovely woman that actually invited Steph and I to come and teach at their convention last year. So great to see her. Bummer that I did not get a picture of Jodi from Memory Makers or Denny from Prisma or Donna and Bill Downey! Just a great group of people that we were so fortunate to travel across the globe with. also a bummer that Wilna and her husband were not able to make CHA.
I also got to meet in person Annie. A blog friend. Cute as she can be! I also met Janna. She designed some pages for us and an accordion album out of our new line modern milan! I love her style! We definitely will be using her in the future! She not only is really talented but a beautiful woman inside and out!
This is Linda, Irene and Adrienne. Irene and Adrienne designed the the project that i taught at the show. I wish i had a picture. It was beautiful. They also designed alot of projects that we had in our booth. You can check it out on Stephanie's blog. All 3 of them helped me out during my class. I will say this...not many will get to Anaheim by 6:30 a.m. that is right A.M. to help a girl out.Linda is a co-worker. We work pretty closely together. She is a huge help to me when it comes to planning classes! So a shout out to those girls!
Walked that dang show about 8 times! My feet were barking! Saw some really great stuff. Still not brave enough to go and talk with alot of designers that i know or really don't know from blogging. Did get to meet her. She had some really bitchin orange shoes she wore that first day. I wonder how her feet were by the end of the day?? But they were really COOL! i guess you can say anything for fashion!

This is Shelby and Anderson. Co-workers. We had to dress in black and white business attire. I vote them "Best Dressed"!

Bummer is that since i work for a manufacturer i can't really walk into other booths and touch and feel. I will say this though...mambi had some of the best there. Our three lines we realeased are probably some of the best we have ever done! Right now it is at Michael's! Go check it out. coastal culture, modern milan and family. Great paper and embellishments. After March it will all be in your LSS.
Kids are back in school...YIPPEE! Although nice to have a more relaxed schedule they can be expensive when they stay home! At least a teenager can be!
We went down to San Diego to go visit Jaxon's mission. San Diego de Alcala. That took all of 45 minutes! So we cruised around Old Towne San Diego. Wouldn't recommend it. Not alot there but lots of mexican restaurants and souvenirs that you will end up throwing away or selling at a garage sale years from now!
We ended up staying in Del Mar. Was fun! What is it about kids and hotels. They just love them!
I am going to leave with a picture of Jaxon's basketball team! We won the championship in the end of season palyoffs! Some of the best basketball games ever!
apparently i am still not savvy on linking websites/blogs. I apologize for not getting the links right. I will work on that! Ugh! So friggin frustrating! Why oh why can't i be computer savvy! I want to be sooooo bad! I also want to throw the computer across the room!

Monday, February 4, 2008


First and foremost was that one of the BEST SuperBowl Games EVER!!!! Loved it all! the game, halftime rocked and the end! The only bummer was the commercials were just okay. I am sure that Annie will have some great pictures and great stories since SHE WAS THERE!!

have any of you seen this on you tube? so very cool! Can you imagine being in a place like grand central and seeing this take place. Love it!

Took a mental health day today from work. You know our friend that comes and visits every month just is working me this month or should i say 3 weeks. ugh!!that just may be TMI but it is my blog and it does say "All that I Am".

Guess what... jaxon's basketball team is playing in the Championship Game this Sunday!!! We are very excited. Both Ed,Makenna and I lost our voices from screaming like maniacs...can you just imagine??? For the game since I am team mom I am making pompoms and a big "D" and then a fence. Get it..Defense!!! Oh I just can't wait!!! Oh i would post a picture but they are still in my camera and i have no energy to get up and get the darn thing.

Work wise i got everything shipped and on it's way to CHA. thank goodness!!! Now just tying up little details for the big show. getting excited to see everyone and meet some new friends i have made in the blog world.

Not alot to say and am pretty tired. so i will talk with all of you later!